We provide the most advanced medical devices mainly in cardiovascular field which enables minimally invasive treatment and contribute to secure the safety in medical operation and the early recovery and high quality of life of all patients by encouraging in acquiring the knowledge so that those medical equipment should be used safely.
In addition, we always stand on the side of our customers such as patients, hospitals and people engaging in medical operations, exert all of our ability, and strive as it is a company that able to develop with our customers.

・ JCT educates and provide accurate information including feature of medical device in order to prevent medical accidents.
・ Always try to collect the latest information of new medical devises, JCT continues to be a company that can provide safe and minimally invasive medical devices with global scope.
・JCT announces information relating to the safety of the human body of medical equipment in the highest priority.
・JCT provides countermeasure and proposal of the problem in the medical field by training to acquire high skills of distributor.
・By clarifying the role of every employees in JCT, JCT aims to foster a corporate culture that every employee can work actively, helping each other.
・JCT accepts aggressive failures.
・ All corporate activities will be done in accordance with the law and corporate ethics or industry norms.

Sophistication and diversification of medical needs makes surprisingly fast speed of technological innovation in medical equipment. In JCT, for those medical devices, we repeatedly participate in workshops, seminars and medical conventions to learn more specialized knowledge and technology and foster staffs who are able to support the medical field.